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Dr Darshna Thakker

Doctor, author and Philanthropist

Dr. Darshna Thakker

There are some who go by the book to earn name and fame and then there are others who pen new chapters for the coming generations, re-writing and making history as they achieve pinnacles of success. The dynamic and ever-innovative Dr. Darshna Thakker is a leading example of the second genre. A highly renowned Gynaecologist, Darshna is equally popular for officially prescribing music and meditation as therapies to her patients. It’s her very ability to connect with patients on a very ‘human’ level, and not just as a doctor, that’s led to her creating a niche for herself, giving her a ‘Super Star Doctor’ status.

Dr. Darshna emphatically advises the youth: “Remember, there is no substitute for hard work. Your commitment should also be high, and with enough hard work, you have the ability to change your circumstances. Also, goal setting is essential in life, but money must never be the aim, for it’s only a byproduct. If you keep humanity at the centre of your universe and keep spreading wisdom and knowledge, there is enough you can do. God gives everybody enough opportunity to help.”

Born to lawyer Kanu Bhai and school teacher Kapila Ben on January 4, 1971, Darshna followed the dictum of ‘no substitute to hard work’ to the T. Having cleared her high secondary school in 1987, Darshna got through to the BJ Medical College, Ahmedabad on merit. But she could not join the course as she was 3 days short of meeting the age eligibility! Such was her passion for the medical profession that she invested this ‘rest year’ in meeting all heads of department of BJM College and attending classes, completing MBBS in 1992 and becoming MD in 1996.

Passion for learning

Dr. Darshna’s father belonged to a farmer’s family and her mother’s side of the family was very affluent. “Being from same caste, their parents did not hesitate in getting them married because my father was a very educated man,” she said. The importance of education was made clear early on – being a teacher herself, Darshna’s mother had a dream of having a doctor in the family. “Along with her motivation, I also had an inclination towards Science, particularly Biology. I was good at Mathematics, loved Engineering and was drawn towards Biology. That’s when I thought of becoming a doctor – a profession where I would work close with God’s design i.e. human being – the perfect combination of engineering and biology!” she shared.

Becoming her own boss.

When Dr. Darshna joined her first job as Chief Consultant Gynaecology at  a hospital in Modasa, she knew that her goal was to have her own practice. “They say that we Lokhandas don’t like to have a have boss on our head,” Darshna laughs.

So, she worked extremely hard, sharpening her skills, doing 4-5 major surgeries a day  and taking care of close to 100 patients daily. “This eagerness to learn was deep imbued – even during my Clinical term of MBBS, I would religiously attend all parts of my course. Though I wanted to become a gynaecologist, I would as enthusiastically complete all other specialty courses. In fact, the skin doctor finally told me to stop coming! But I was adamant to learn it all because of my inquisitiveness and eagerness,” Darshna relates. 

Sticking to her goal, Darshna put in her papers in the 11th month of her first job, and was back in Ahmedabad, looking for a stepping stone to start her very own unique private practice.